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High-efficiency, eco-friendly modules

Mitsubishi Electric's photovoltaic products are designed to the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance. Since 1975, our research and development efforts and integrated manufacturing operations have produced exceptional solar modules and related products.

All Mitsubishi Electric modules have a 25-year power output warranty and are manufactured in an ISO 14001 certified factory. We use only 100% lead-free solder in our modules, which can be installed in nearly any environment ─ even next to saltwater.


MLE Series (270W)

MLE Series (270W)


  • Half-cut, four bus bar cells increase efficiency - 16.3% module efficiency
  • Positive (-0/+5%) power tolerance ensures expected power generation
  • Four-layer junction box for exceptional safety
  • Frame with protection bar for overal module strength
  • 10-year materials and workmanship warranty
  • 25-year linear power output warranty
  • New 270HD2 has 1000V Maximum System Voltage
MLE Series  (265W)

MLE Series (265W)


  •  Half-cut, four bus bar cells increase efficiency
  •  Positive (- 0 /+5%) power tolerance ensures expected power generation
  • Four-layer junction box for exceptional safety
  • Frame with protection bar for overall module strength
  • 10-year materials and workmanship warranty

  • 25-year linear power output warranty
  • 265HD2 has 1000V Maximum System Voltage

Cells with four bus bars increase efficiency

Through innovative research and development, Mitsubishi Electric introduced cells with four bus bars to maximize cell efficiency. Reducing the distance between bus bars decreases resistance, increases power output, and maximizes cell strength.


Half-cut cells increase output

By reducing the area of each cell and connecting them in parallel formation, the amount of electrical current carried by each bus bar is reduced by half. This results in decreased electrical resistance within the bus bars and an increase in overall efficiency.


Multi-layer junction box is safe and reliable

The junction box is one of the most critical parts of a module in terms of safety and reliability. Our junction box features a waterproof, flame-resistant, four-layer casing. Combined with heat-resistant diodes, an efficient heat sink and secured intertwining tab connections, our junction boxes provide unparalleled levels of safety and reliability.


Sturdy frame and protection bar for ultimate durability

Our aluminum frames are treated with two separate corrosion-resistant coatings for ultimate durability under the harshest conditions. The protection bar enhances the structural strength of the module, enabling it to withstand tough environmental conditions like high wind and snow loads.

Lead-free solder protects health and the environment

Mitsubishi Electric photovoltaic modules reflect a proactive approach to environmental protection. As a large-scale manufacturer with a keen awareness of our responsibility to the environment, we are committed to the development of cleaner, more efficient manufacturing methods. All our modules use 100% lead-free solder and are manufactured in an ISO 14001 certified factory in Japan.

Exceptional engineering allows installation next to saltwater

Mitsubishi Electric has conducted substantial testing to verify the effects of salt water exposure on our PV modules. The testing demonstrated Mitsubishi Electric modules can withstand the corrosive effects of salty air in the coastal environment, allowing them to be installed next to the ocean.

Note: Not all Mitsubishi Electric solar modules have the features described above. Please consult each module's specification sheet for complete details.

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