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Diamond Mount System

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Commercial Racking System

Diamond Mount™ is the answer to the PV industry's need for a fast, easy and affordable solution for large-scale PV projects. Get everything you need for the DC side of a commercial PV system, all from one trusted source: Mitsubishi Electric.


Diamond Mount is a complete DC solution including Mitsubishi Electric PV modules, a state-of-the-art ballasted racking system designed by P2, all DC balance of system components - even the combiner box.

Available in 100kW, 250kW and 500kW blocks, the Diamond Mount system is highly scalable for 100kW to 100MW projects.

Quick and easy to assemble, the Diamond Mount system is completely modular and can be ordered in any tilt angle to maximize energy production.

Perfect for large ground or roof mount PV systems, Diamond Mount is smarter, leaner and faster. Imagine the time you'll save by using a solution that was designed to work together and save you money.



  • Easily scalable from 100kW to 100MW
  • Available in 100kW, 250kW and 500kW blocks
  • Pre-designed mechanical and electrical configurations
  • BOS components are pre-sourced and designed to work together
  • Mounting system has a high strength-to-weight ratio and a low part count
  • Only high-quality aluminum extrusions and stainless steel fasteners are utilized in the mounting system for long-term reliability


  • Less aluminum and ballasts used than in other systems
  • No ground penetrations minimize land impact
  • Proper weight distribution and fewer connections minimizes roof impact
  • Extensive wind tunnel testing and proof-load testing verify design integrity


  • Everything you need for the DC side of a commercial installation all from one trusted source*
  • Modular architecture uses a triangulated structure to ensure the racking is square
  • Module panelization can happen off site or in a dedicated area, saving you time and labor costs Easy to inspect and maintain

An Eco-Friendly Solution

  • No ground penetrations
  • Less aluminum and ballasts
  • Recycled aluminum content
  • Engineered and manufactured in the US
  • Easy to disassemble and re-deploy
  • Salvage value at end of life

* Mitsubishi Electric does not manufacture or warranty all Diamond Mount components. Each component is covered by a warranty offered by our respective partner companies.

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